Kent Education Network

Comprehensive Future

I am the Joint Coordinator of the Kent Education Network and member of Comprehensive Future’s Selection Working Party. Both groups campaign for a fair and inclusive admission systems to all schools and particularly to bring an end to selection via an ‘11+’  test.


Fabian policy groups hold private policy discussions, publish articles and host public events, giving members the opportunity to create real impact. This link takes you to the education policy group blog site.

Fabians Education

Policy Group UK

European Society for Research

on the Education of Adults

ESREA’s mission is to support the advancement of high quality research on the education and learning of adults in Europe. I am one of the co-conveners of the Life History and Biography Network promoting an approach to research that uses narrative, biographical and auto/biographical methods. 

CURE: Curriculum Reform for Promoting Democratic Principles and Civic Education in Israel and In Georgia

Cure is a multi-faced Erasmus+ program for curricular reform that aims to improve the level of curriculum for Civic Education and Principles of Democracy in teacher-training  programs in Israel and in Georgia through: 

Developing new courses | Faculty  training workshops | Student leadership training | Student activities | Establishing Civic education clubs (centres at CURE's Israeli and Georgian universities, colleges and in schools where students practice teach.)

Supervision for Senior School Leaders

Our Supervision Service is a form of professional development and is designed to help you manage the demands and impact of your role. It is aimed at those working in schools who have significant contact with pupils and their families, and will support your career within the education sector. 


I am an active member of the Canterbury Christ Church University Sustainability Team my current focus is on using narrative research techniques to investigate the role zoos may have as catalysts for biodiversity conservation and how we engage the public in the protection of biodiversity including large carnivore introduction?