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  • Alan Bainbridge

Public Lecture – Eco-socialism and Learning to Live with the World

Public Lecture - Canterbury Christ Church University: Eco-socialism and Learning to Live with the World.

Dr Alan Bainbridge | Open Lecture Series 2021 | Lecture 9 - October 19 2021

Learning to live with the world must not be confused with learning to live in, or even from the world. Raymond Williams also cautions that the convergence of ecological and social thinking must not be distracted by considering only physical appearances, reminding us to concentrate on the central social and economic questions. From an ecologically informed socialist perspective, Williams notes that it is the ‘whole effect that matters, and that uncontrolled commercial exploitation of land and animals, reckless of its effects on other people, is what has really to be focused’. This is a daunting task! With Williams as my guide, I shall step into the territory of interconnectedness to explore the precarious relationship of human endeavour on a planet with limited resources. Our journey will range between The Country and the City, rest a while in Border Country while also exploring from the very beginning of time the People of the Black Mountains.

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